Monday, December 04, 2006

How bad is this really?

We shall cover John Bolton's decision to step down as his recess appointment ends in greater detail tomorrow.

For the moment let me record my disagreement with AllahPundit and others who see it as a great victory for the UN and the Democrats who see America's future as being run by the tranzis. As we have said on several occasions before, it is the people who do not want to see the UN surviving, let alone prospering who should be wanting to get rid of Bolton.

John Bolton has fought hard to introduce some meaning into the words "reform" and "United Nations" when they are in one sentence. He has failed and he is being eased out of his position by the triumphant Democrats.

Well goody-goody. What happens now? Will there be any kind of a reform either in the remaining couple of weeks of SecGen Kofi Annan's rule or under his successor. It seems very unlikely. The institution will go on in its corrupt way with ever more scandals breaking about its officials and peace-keeping officers. Way to go, guys.


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