Wednesday, November 08, 2006

That "wow!" factor

Former House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is set to become the first ever female Speaker of the House of Representatives, following mid-term Democrat gains.

According to, in a "bold and decisive move" reminiscent of the GOP's 1994 "Contract with America", Ms. Pelosi recently unveiled her new plan for the Democratic majority, the "Contract with San Francisco".

However, Rep. Pelosi did not distribute copies of her "Contract" to reporters. "These ideas transcend the subjectivity of the printed word and cannot be captured on paper," she said. "They constitute a living document that dwells in the hearts of those who believe, and is continually refreshed to reflect the mood of the nation and desires of the individual."*


Now you can see where the "colleagues" went wrong with the EU constitution.

*(ps: this is not true - yet!)


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