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Er… Is it me? (2)

Posted by Richard Friday, June 18, 2004

I always thought the ability to run our own economic policy was important. So how about these revised Articles in the current presidency draft (CIG 82/04) click here (p. 12).

Article I-11 (3) The Union shall have competence to provide a framework for the coordination by the Member States of their economic and employment policies.

Article I-14 (1) The Member States shall coordinate their economic policies within the Union. To this end, the Council shall adopt measures, in particular broad guidelines for these policies.
The measures in Art I-14 are subject to Qualified Majority Voting (Art I-22 (3)), effectively making Gordon Brown and the Bank of England redundant.

Why isn’t little Gordon jumping up and down, squeaking about this? Or is it me, seeing something that isn't there?