Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Will the real constitution please stand up?

Courtesy of the Transatlantic Intelligencer which last week brought us news of how the French left-wing were regarding the EU constitution as an American plot, this week we find, from the same source that the right-wing is also proposing to take American bogyman line.

However, according to Le Figaro, the brainchild of this line, François Baroin, is not going to argue that a vote for the constitution is a vote for Bush. Oh no, nothing so simple. He proposes to resort to "a little used argument":

Who is going to be happiest about a victory of the "no" vote in France? Le Pen? [French Socialist critic of the "constitution", Laurent] Fabius? Villiers? [Communist Party Chief Marie-George] Buffet? No. It's Bush. To say "no" to the constitution is to say "yes" to Bush.
François Baroin is a prominent political advisor to l'escroc Chirac and is currently one of two "political advisors" in the UMP hierarchy, reporting, directly to current UMP president Nicolas Sarkozy.

This brilliant new ploy is presumably in response to criticism of Chirac, not least by the deputy mayor of Evry, Manuel Valls, who complained of "the total absence of the president of the Republic" and his failure to give direction to the "yes" campaign.

L'escroc has now pledged to start campaigning in earnest after Easter, when he returns from an official visit to Japan. But the real puzzle is which constitution is he going to campaign for – the one Bush is in favour of, or the one he is against?

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