Monday, January 24, 2005

What a shame

On the BBC World Service I espied the following headline: Mars launches Europe-wide review. And why not, thought I. There have been plenty of Mars probes sent from earth. Clearly, those clever little Martians noticed the fact that there is a peculiar new political constellation on earth and thought they would have a look-see, probably in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

Alas, no little green men to be seen anywhere. It is merely the large confectioner Mars re-examining its European, particularly British operations. As things stand, there may well be rather large cut-backs. But no Martians.

By the way, would it not be good idea to rename the Field of Marathon, so nearly flooded by the Greeks in the pre-Olympic eagerness, to the Field of Snickers? I am told one confectionery has now replaced the other.

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