Saturday, January 29, 2005

Is there no end to her talents?

The fragrant Margot has been at it again, with another Blog posting this time recounting how she went to the "European Parliament" with President Barroso to present the strategic political objectives "for our 5-year mandate."

Now, dear reader, please bear in mind that our Margot is in charge of communicating – the human face of the commission, "engaging" with the people. And what does she regard as the highlights of Barroso's agenda? Er…

Prosperity, Solidarity, Security. Key words in the plenary debate: balance, sustainability, delivery, social agenda, citizens, Lisbon agenda, competitiveness, focus…
Is it any wonder that the "citizens of Europe" increasingly believe that these creatures have descended from another planet (Zog?) and gaze upon them with utter incomprehension?

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