Friday, September 02, 2011


I shall never forget how, shortly after he had started his own blog, Roger Helmer despatched his PR lady (being far too grand to do such things himself) to contact me, demanding that I put a link on EURef to his fantastically important blog.

Then, and now, it never occurred to the dear Roger that he should reciprocate with a link to EURef and, despite his wish to be seen as a man of the people, he links neither to us nor to any other independent blogger. Strangely, we do not link to the Helmer emporium.

Cue then James Higham about the importance of independent political blogging, and how the corporates are trying to monopolise the net. We need to cross-link to each other and promote the smaller bloggers who otherwise struggle for an audience, he says.

The points are well made, and noted. His own, extremely professional group blog Orphans of Liberty is always worth a read.