Friday, September 02, 2011

Baby talk

The babies in the Daily Failygraph really excel themselves today with a leader of quite stunning silliness.

Bemoaning the effect the EU's agency workers directive is going to have on our economy, it suggests that our "eurosceptic" chancellor "defies the EU, and insists that the directive's implementation be delayed or abandoned", for the sake of British jobs and businesses. In such dangerous times, the leader prattles, "extreme measures are sometimes called for".

The idea that our chancellor is a "eurosceptic" is something that only the babies in the MSM could dream up. The very idea is absurd. But even more absurd is the idea that this government could or would defy the EU. We could see Osborne flying to the moon unaided before that might happen.

But then what does the Failygraph leader-writer think would happen if the British government now refused to implement a directive it had already agreed? Has it not heard of compliance procedures, and fines? Is the newspaper suggesting we ignore those as well?

Needless to say, we would be delighted if that was to happen. Such action would precipitate a major constitutional crisis and push the United Kingdom towards the exit door.

Somehow, though, we don't think that is what the paper has in mind. More like we are dealing with this soggy, babyish silliness, betraying an inability to grasp the nature of the European Union and the implications of such actions. This is sort of akin to suggesting that we give an ultimatum to Hitler for invading Poland (72 years ago to the day) but not then expecting us to go to war.

The grown-up approach would be to recognise that the EU is uniquely damaging to the national interest, and to "suggest" that we leave. But the paper cannot bring itself to do that, leaving it with nothing more than its silly, babyish posturing. How pathetic this once proud newspaper has become.