Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thinking it through

I had intended to post this link this morning – but got waylaid by other matters. In fact, I had intended to post the whole thing myself, but Subrosa beat me to it ... so it is best to read it on her site, rather than me re-invent the wheel.

What you will see is a long but eminently readable piece by Edward Spalton, vice-chair of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, who argues against the current spate of EU Referendum campaigns. His arguments are sound, persuasive and I completely agree with him.

He concludes, though, by telling us his is a "pro thinking campaign not an anti referendum one". The independence movement, he writes, has not thought strategically or tactically.

He goes on to say that it is perhaps personified by that rather splendid crusader knight of the Daily Express, standing on the white cliffs of Dover. Our enemy is not across the Channel but here amongst us in our own political and official class. It is only by their actions and policies that the EU has any sway over us at all. It is against them that the knight must wield his sword.

Spalton could not be more right, and his timing is also right. There is a mood of impatience abroad, and a determination that we should really start to deal with this monster which is devouring our nation. Resorting to dull, unimaginative, rehashed campaigns is not the answer.