Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Up their own fundaments

Richard Kemp, Vice Chairman of the Local Government Association, said councils will never go back to weekly bin collections. He added that the new policy will mean more councils move over to fortnightly collections, with weekly collections for food waste only. This means households have to collect food waste separately in a "kitchen caddy".

He said: "Weekly rubbish collection is dead and finished. I'm delighted reason has prevailed. It's not what most local people want, it's not what most local councils want and it's certainly not what the advisers want. What local people want is a system that helps maximise recycling and helps to promote healthy living."

Then we have the idiot masquerading as an environment minister – the deadly Spelperson ... Stupidity-Я-Us. Having spent half a decade telling us how useless Labour has been over collecting rubbish, she suddenly discovers new religion.

Weekly collections are a matter of money, she bleats. "In Opposition you don’t have a chance to see the Government’s books. You don't see how much the Government is overspent. When we came in we found the situation was worse than we thought. I think people will understand that".

Even though we are unable to plumb the Olympic depths of stupidity attained by the Spelperson, we do understand that, noting her claim that bringing back weekly collections would cost £132.5million a year.

But we also note that this is about compliance with EU law. Putting a fleet of recycling vehicles on the roads and all the other compliance costs are adding at least £10 billion to our overall costs – and tripling the annual cost of collection and disposal. As Raedwald points out, something has to give.

Thus does this ghastly lot of second-raters demonstrate once again that elections are no longer about changing governments. All we get is different idiot faces leering at us from behind EU policies.