Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Listening mode off

Lavish spending on foreign aid is making Britain a "development superpower" and voters should take the same pride in it as they do in the Armed Forces and the Queen, International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell claims.

But he admits that the Cleggerons are facing "bracing" criticism over its decision to increase aid spending by 34 percent to £12 billion at a time of austerity at home. Nevertheless, he insists that the money is achieving "brilliant" results and making Britain admired around the world.

Therefore, he – and his boss, the Euroslime Dave – are going to ignore you and carry on as before, without taking the blind bit of notice of your concerns, raiding your pockets to pay for their largesse ... just like they do on everything else. Meanwhile, the Indians can continue taking the mick.

Purple Scorpion has the right idea, but this administration, with no mandate and no popular support, is not in the listening mode. Why should it listen to the plebs? They are just there to pay the bills - buy the nice slinky armoured limousines for them, and the Mercedes for their clients.