Thursday, June 02, 2011

Five-a-day is up

The MF five-a-day is up on the Independent Political Bloggers site - and it's a really good selection. Meanwhile, I've put fifty blogs up on the blogroll. I'll now start work on the other fifty. And I'll add my own link here.

Autonomous Mind has done another superb, discursive piece about the nature of democracy and Cameron. It is a good, weighty piece, in which the blogosphere excels – making us the true inheritors of the 18th Century political leafleter tradition, setting the agenda on such issues.

We can, of course, dissipate our precious energies on trivia, like Mr N Sheep, and if I am being a little bit unfair to him, why should I be bothered? He's always been anal about linking to EURef (which is why, also I also ignore the Almighty Guido Fawkes), so he's getting free traffic. He should care less.

Talking of "referism", which we weren't, the Google count stands at 5,910 – up 1,400 on yesterday. The blog count is a magnificent 3,540 – up 2,000. And as for the MSM: "Your search - 'referism' - did not match any documents". How did we guess? Yet it gives us about 349 results for "sexymp" – on the ball as always.

Just three new blogs to list today - I've been a bit busy. The first two blogs listed might improve their chances if they put up a blogroll. Why anyone thinks they are going to get visited if they can't be bothered to put up links to other sites is one of those great mysteries of the universe.
The third blog is brand new and looks as if it is going to be a class act - although shorter paragraphs might be a good idea. If anyone has some more blogs, let me know and I'll add them to this list.