Thursday, June 02, 2011

Creature comforts

More than 160,000 asylum seekers and their dependents have been granted an amnesty to stay in Britain by the UK Border Agency, says a Commons Home Affairs Committee report. This follows a rules change, which allowed officials to permit long-staying migrants to stay in the country.

The sleight of hand is part of an operation to clear a backlog of up to 450,000 cases at the Agency, which has been described as "still not fit for purpose". Less than ten percent of those making up the backlog have been removed from the country.

Officials have been unable to trace about 74,500 cases, which are now to be listed in as "concluded" – the dire officialise for failure. It is not known whether these people are still in Britain, have departed or are deceased.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is part of our all-embracing government that comes with its hands out for more and more of our money, and constantly tells us it is looking after our interests.

And in this department which is "still not fit for purpose", there will be handsomely paid officials, who earn far more than you and I, who will then benefit from pensions far more generous than anything to which you and I can aspire.

After years of corruption, laziness and inefficiency, these officials will rest comfortably on their laurels at our expense, while the apparatus of state will enforce the extraction of our money to pay for their creature comforts. Unless we all decide that we have had enough, and then decide to do something about it, this is how it will continue to be.

The choice is yours – and you do have a choice.