Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There is hope

A couple of days ago we saw this, which rather suggests that the Boy has finally slid away from the faux greenery that marked the first part of his tawdry reign as not-the-tories leader. But with the pixels barely dry on the screen, we get this - a lament from the little greenies telling us that the UK green employment sector "is seeing job losses and opportunities in the green sector are expected to shrink in 2011".

This is a survey managed by Environmental Data Services (ENDS), which polled over 2,000 environmental "professionals" (contradiction in terms, surely), from which we learn that the mood among the respondents was "distinctly gloomy with three in five expecting public spending cuts to directly affect environmental employment in their organisation".

But then we get Kerry Geldart, acting chief executive, of Society for the Environment (the Orwellian-sounding SocEnv) urging the government "to recognise that environmental professionals are leading the way, and that its most pressing duty is to get fully behind the skills and resources required to meet the future".

We also have Nick Reeves, executive director of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, saying: "The green revolution is stalling and the thousands of new green-collar jobs that were promised aren't materialising fast enough". He goes on to say: "The 'greenest government ever' must clarify its environmental policies and put in place green growth plans".

Well, when the last greenie leaves town, would he please take his energy-saving lightbulbs with him, and sign on sustainably to the dole, leaving us to try an unpick some of the damage. But, to hear a greenie complain that his revolution is stalling is sweet music to our ears – another pic from Hawaii to celebrate (above) - this is the future.