Monday, May 16, 2011


A touch of the licky-lickies from a blog that was once thought to be premier political site. You might like to suggest your own three reasons on the forum (which is still open for registration). I'll give you a starter for ten ... Huhne?
And for another vomit-inducing panegyric, you need to take a butchers at Brogan:
Mr Huhne may not have endeared himself to many with his intellectual swaggering and political style, but he was undoubtedly one of the Cabinet's big beasts, and one of the best Lib Dem operators. While Mr Clegg may find it useful to see his rival reduced, he can ill afford to lose a political heavyweight of Mr Huhne's calibre.
If that poisonous, low-grade dwarf is a "big beast", then we are in more trouble than even I thought. That Brogan seem to think he is one tells you more than you need to know about Brogan - and the toilet paper he works for.

On the other hand, Huhne's got the full confidence of Euroslime. He's domed!