Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Money for gestures

This is what it comes down to when you are ruled by an alien √©lite which has neither sense nor wisdom: we see from the Evening Standard the headline, "Philip Hammond finds £5m to avoid EU pollution fines", hailing a story of how £5 million of our money is being given to the Greater London Authority to fix air quality measurements, so as to avoid fines from our supreme government of up to £300 million.

Please note: the money is not being used to improve air quality, per se. It is being used to reduce pollution around the air monitoring stations that we fund, in order to supply information to Brussels, so that it can check up on what we are doing, thus to reduce the recorded pollution and creep below the thresholds set by our masters.

And for those very few who might question the term "supreme government", what other term do you use when you have a minister of the Crown thrashing around with Boris Johnson, to fiddle the figures in order to avoid a fine (paid-for with our money)?

Quite how Johnson has acquired his reputation is beyond me, but here he is indistinguishable from the rest of the political classes who permit this gross abuse of our money and trust - the money certainly ain't coming out of Johnson's well-lined pocket. And sure, it is only £5 million – but try telling that to the people who go short because they have to pay the taxes to finance this madness.