Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lookee here

You should not take the mick out of a poor child that is called Luciana Berger – she can't help it - except when she is shadow minister for climate change, is Labour and Co-operative MP for Liverpool Wavertree - selected under very dubious circumstances - and writes total tosh for The Tribune.

Pictured left, with the son of a former prime minister, it is very, very hard to take this person seriously. That it should have become an MP and is now a shadow minister is as useful an indication as any of how far Parliament has deteriorated.

It also says a great deal for the democratic system that the people of Liverpool Wavertree actually voted for it, perhaps emphasising the oft' quoted saw that people get the elected representatives they deserve.

However, Ms Berger's drivel does serve a useful purpose, in underlining the unfortunate truth that there are things in life as bad as Tory MPs ... Labour MPs (we draw a discrete veil over the Lib-Dims). But how entertaining it is that this creature's piece has been recruited by the Referendum Campaign to advertise for people to sign the "pledge".

By ye friends shall ye be known.