Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This is piece of theatre

"You're just carrying the water for Obama". Delicious - obtained via Zero Hedge and the forum. The piece has more sense in just short of seven minutes than any of the torrent of broadcast fluff from the BBC and its allies. As for the print media, it is impossible to take the output seriously, and especially the reports of that fool  Cameron in Italy.

There is indeed a sense of unreality here. The British media, having treated the initial excursions with all the gravitas of a Boys Own comic, have consistently failed to understand the enormity of the error made by Cameron and his idiot ministers in dashing into a military venture for which he and his "allies" were ill-prepared and for which they had no end game.

Now, of course, the media are compromised, having in their own ways made themselves look as foolish as Cameron and his team. Thus, you are not going to get any rational analysis, or any intelligent discussion. They are all passengers of events which they do not understand and over which they have no control.

Needless to say, the political classes are the biggest failures of them all.  On such a foolhardy venture, the Labour opposition should be voluble and highly critical, demanding of the joke that passes for our government  an account of its stupidity. But, as is always the case now, opposition voices are muted and largely irrelevant.

The British public, therefore, bemused and badly informed, is left to pay the bill, and to deal with whatever the consequences that may accrue, without complaint of course, even if others are more strident. But, if that is on its way, the media and the politicians will not see it coming. And their mindless prattling will have so confused the issues that most people will have given up trying to follow it.

Come that time, this video, will stand out like a beacon. We, like the Americans, should not be there. We have no business being there - and we have neither the will nor the capabilities to bring the issue to a successful resolution. The only thing we have gained, and can gain, from this is further evidence - if any were needed - of the foolishness of the man masquerading as our prime minister.