Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's all a load of Pollocks

We learn from the diligent Tom Nelson that the a $52 million Bering Sea global warming project, assessing the health of the Pollock fishery, is going down the pan – having been "hit by three coldest years on record".

At present, the Bering Sea provides roughly half the fish caught in US waters each year and nearly a third caught worldwide. But the warmists have been selling their usual bill of goods, that "climate change" – i.e., warming – is going to do for the fishery. "The experiments we did up there definitely suggest that the changing ecosystem may support less of what we're harvesting - things like pollock and hake," marine ecologist Dave Hutchins says.

But now they are finding that the unusually chilly water during the past few cold years has forced the young pollock into relatively warmer regions, where they can more easily fall prey to older Pollock, causing a potentially catastrophic collapse in the fishery.

All of which goes to indicate – as we have been saying all along – that the thing to worry about is cooling. All this fuss about warming is just a load of Pollocks ... or no Pollocks, that problem being one that seems to be shared by most of our politicians.