Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I'm not staying up

I just needed to read, courtesy of The Guardian: " ... in the House there's a world of pain for the Democrats and joy for the GOP".

If I said, "I feel your pain ... ", I would be a liar. And The Daily Telegraph has more. All that's left is to get up in the morning and rejoice to see the Obama party crash and burn.

UPDATE: And so it comes to pass ...

... a big night for the Republicans, and for the forecasters, who got it right, says Alex Spillius of whom, I have to confess, I am blissfully ignorant.

But, the GOP enjoyed a thumping win in the House but the Democrats retained the Senate and Spillius thinks this was not an endorsement of the Republican Party. He adds: "The leadership seems to have understood this, which is why there were no ballons and ticker tape tumbling from the ceiling at their election night event at the Grand Hyatt in Washington."

According to The Guardian, the Dems are "bruised and battered – but not beaten". Hope springs eternal, I suppose. The elections are simply a "wake-up call" for Obama. It's not too late to win back the disenchanted middle ground. Is this what al Beeb is saying as well? I can't bring myself to venture onto their territory.

At least the lame and the stupid seem to have realised something has changed, while Melanie Phillips asks of euroslimy Dave whether he is "man or mouse".

I don't think that actually needs an answer, although it's quite interesting how he has attempted to bury all his bad news in one go, by dumping it just before the US mid-terms. Everyone is focused on that, so the slime think they can walk away smiling and everyone will forget.

Heh! Elephants never forget ... and neither does EU Ref. Look up "euroslime" and "Cameron" on Google.