Sunday, November 07, 2010


As a word, "Cleggless" could be aspirational, or it could be an amalgam of two words: "Clegg" and "useless". In this case, it is the latter, even if I wish it could be the former.

In looking at his latest failure I am reminded of a time in my life when it was part of my job to write responses to Ministry consultations. After taking them seriously for some time, we found that whatever we wrote made no difference at all. Thus we hit upon the idea of using a form letter which was sent every time there was a consultation exercise.

With Clegg, I am minded to have standard blog entry to perform a similar job. Every time he proposes something, it could be posted. It would remind readers of how useless the man is and how, in the fullness of time, whatever it is he is proposing will crash and burn, with him walking away from it.

However, since anyone with any brains already knows this, it occurs to me that the exercise would be a bit pointless ... rather like Mr Clegg, who is also useless as well as pointless. And that, I suppose, is the only point worth making.