Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Via the indispensible Climate Depot, we learn from AccuWeather that not a single tornado was reported in the United States during February 2010. Says senior meteorologist Henry Margusity, if the statistic stands, it would be the first tornado-free February in at least 60 years.

The warmists, however (some of them), are complaining about cyber-bullying, about which Morano is somewhat less than sympathetic. One wonders, though, why fragile little darlings like Gavin Schmidt are so surprised. Venture onto RealClimate - which Schmidt co-founded - and you will get a taste of the arrogance that is now triggering what amounts to a backlash.

Perhaps, though, they ought to be more worried about the first recorded case of climate suicide than their own personal circumstances. The unpredictable violence of nature may have abated temporarily in one corner of the world. The violence of man is altogether more predicable. The warmists are beginning to learn that, for their actions, there are consequences.