Monday, February 01, 2010

Amazongate lives

Despite the attempted sabotage of "Amazongate" by The Sunday Telegraph yesterday, the Daily Express does it big. The Guardian also mentions it and so does The Daily Mail.

The Daily Telegraph, on the ball as always, lifts the story done by The Times last Saturday on "Glaciergate", disguising its source with the formulaic "it has emerged".

The Independent, meanwhile, has completely lost it, claiming that the "Climategate" e-mail "hacking" was "probably carried out by a foreign intelligence agency," citing as their "expert" source, the government's former chief scientist and surface chemist,. Sir David King.

But the paper also has Britain officially expressing its concern to the IPCC about lax scientific procedures used by the body which supplies the world with the facts about global warming. Alongside The Guardian, this paper also mentions "the destruction of the Amazon rainforest," as one of the problem areas.

Against that, I measure well over 2,000 references to "Amazongate" on the blogosphere, leaving the MSM trailing. When it comes to the heavy lifting, the MSM is making itself redundant.