Monday, February 01, 2010

The "larger truth"

Compared with pre-Copenhagen when we were getting a daily diet of climate scares from the WWF groupie Louise Gray, her output has virtually dried up as the succession of "gates" assailed the "climate community". So silent has she been, we thought she might be having a nervous breakdown.

But here she is, coming out of her box to defend her precious religion, with a piece in The Daily Telegraph, telling us to keep the faith and hold on to the "larger truth".

This really is like a religion – recognisably so. At one time, it used to be verboten even to question the truth of the bible, but as the iron grip of dogma was relaxed and scholars began to question whether the holy script was the literal truth, the same mantra was offered. Yes, there may be "inconsistencies" in the narrative, but hold on to the "larger truth" my child – keep the faith.

Thus it is with the warmists. Their holy writ, the IPCC report in tatters - and even "Amazongate" gets a mention - they resort to exactly the same mantra: never mind the detail ... keep the faith my child, the world is warming. But gradually, their churches are emptying, leaving poor little Louise and her friends desperately trying to hold the line. The poor dears – one almost feels sorry for them.