Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pachauri: follow the money

An interesting piece in New American headed: "Pachauri's Lucrative World of Climate Change".

It has Pachauri talking about the "business opportunities" afforded by climate change, citing the Booker column and our article in The Daily Telegraph.

They also cite an interesting piece in The Daily Express, which I missed – which explores the murky world of carbon trading and Tata Steel. I wonder if they have also received a letter from Diana's favourite solicitor.

The New American concludes with a tantalising reference to Obama, and his enthusiasm for going "above what is going to be legislated," when it comes to climate change. This is not unconnected with the Chicago Climate Exchange, for which Pachauri is currently a member of the external advisory board.

Therein lies a dark and dirty tale. The Pachauri angle is just the tip of the iceberg. Serious money is involved here, to say nothing of corruption on an industrial scale, which goes all the way to the top. We have only scratched the surface so far.