Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It gets better!

It's all very well doing these complex, forensic investigations – and it's great fun doing them ... very necessary and obviously much appreciated. However, they take a great deal of time and, cumulatively, the relentless grind gets very tiring.

Worse still, I slipped on some compacted global warming last week and smacked my shoulder so badly that for the last few days it has been excruciatingly painful to type – and sleep, which is a trifle inconvenient. Therefore, just for once, I am ducking out of doing a long overnight blog ... which we call our "horlix".

Instead, I offer you a taster for Part 2 of money laundering. And, if Part 1 is a tidy enough sum to put in your back pocket, the lads and lasses in the Met Office managed to stick the taxpayer for well over a million. Some of this went into the pocket of Pachauri's gofer.

The research is done (and screen grabs captured on file) – all I have to do is write it up, which I'll do later today.