Monday, January 11, 2010

God Laughed!

He read Dr Viner's words of wisdom and decided to send a leetle message. We had global warming all night and it's still global warming, with a sky like slate. It's thin stuff, a bit like drizzle ... snizzle? But it's persistent ... adding overnight maybe 2-3 inches to the existing layers.

And the forecast? Via The Daily Telegraph this morning (timed 8.01am GMT): "Although temperatures have eased slightly, many parts of the country were expected to see further snow flurries today."

Meanwhile, those unmitigated fools, aka Members of Parliament, on the environmental audit committee have urged the UK Government to cut emissions more quickly at home – to prove to other countries Britain was serious about backing up its attempts to get an international agreement [on global warming] with action.

I rather fancy that many people would like to cut their emissions - permanently.