Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cry Havoc!

Let The Times do the talking for once. "Arctic freeze and snow wreak havoc across the planet," it reports.

"Arctic air and record snow falls gripped the northern hemisphere yesterday, inflicting hardship and havoc from China, across Russia to Western Europe and over the US plains," it tells us.

"There were few precedents for the global sweep of extreme cold and ice that killed dozens in India, paralysed life in Beijing and threatened the Florida orange crop. Chicagoans sheltered from a potentially killer freeze, Paris endured sunny Siberian cold, Italy dug itself out of snowdrifts and Poland counted at least 13 deaths in record low temperatures of about minus 25C (-13F)."

And so on it goes, but what is particularly amusing is all the warmists in the comments section, rushing in to claim that this is merely "weather" - don't mean nuffink!

The Guardian is trying its hardest as well. Many parts of the northern hemisphere are considerably warmer than usual at the moment. Alaska and much of northern Canada is unseasonably warm for instance, it says, with temperatures 5°C to 10°C warmer than expected.

However, that still leaves the air a biting –30°C (–22°F) or so though. My guess is that will be enough for Met Office to declare that this is indeed the warmest winter since instrumental records began. You know it makes sense.