Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Those democratic elections

Writing of the euro-election(s) Richard Littlejohn tells us: "This isn't a proper election, it's a cynical ruse to apply a democratic veneer to an inherently antidemocratic, totalitarian superstate."

We could have almost said the same thing – or very similar. In fact, we did. "They are a supreme irrelevance, serving as the gloss on a fundamentally anti-democratic system, there to give it the appearance of legitimacy," we wrote.

The one myth (of many) that the MEPs like to perpetuate is that they are democratically elected – thus making the fatal confusion between form and substance. The process of election. per se does not confer democracy.

Imagine, if you will, a gang of thugs accosting you in the street. Desirous of your wallet (or handbag) they decide to hold a vote, in which you are invited to participate. By a majority of 12-1 they decide that you should hand over your wallet to them. And that is democratic?

However, it is a process with which MEPs are very familiar. This is precisely what they are doing to us.

Littlejohn's advice, incidentally, is don't vote. You'll still get mugged, but at least you haven't encouraged them.