Monday, February 16, 2009

Oddly enough ....

... I was wondering about it yesterday morning. Who, I asked myself, could have replaced Assud, the giant Jew-eating pink rabbit on the Al-Aqsa children's TV programme "Pioneers of tomorrow". You see, Assud was killed in the latest unpleasantness in Gaza, so the pretty little child presenter of this psychopathic programme, Saraa, needed another animal.

Well, I need wonder no more. Little Green Footballs and Eye on the World bring us the answer from the invaluable MEMRI TV. Saraa's latest companion is a teddy bear, named Nassur. Cute, eh?

Well, not quite. In line with his psychotically murderous predecessors, Nassur longs to be a suicide/homicide bomber.
Teddy bear Nassur: I have come today to the Gaza Strip. Saraa, Allah willing, I will be one of the mujahideen, one of the fighters. I will join the ranks of the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, and I will wage Jihad among them and carry a gun. Do you know why?

Child host Saraa: Why?

Nassur: To defend the children of Palestine.
You feed this to children week after week, month after month, year after year and you end up with a bunch of psychopaths, as various Arab leaders like Mahmoud Abbas have realized though somewhat belatedly. Blue Peter, this is not.

There is another aspect that we ought to be wary of and this blog has mentioned it once or twice, and that is the funding of this curious education. The truth is that we are funding it.

We have written about the report produced by the Taxpayers' Alliance (see, we are nice about them sometimes) that showed the amount of money Britain separately and as part of the European Union sent to Gaza for "educational" purposes.

It would be good to know how much of that much-advertised Gaza Appeal will go on the Al-Aqsa TV children's programme.