Sunday, March 02, 2008

Why wasn't there more fuss?

click the pic to enlargeChristopher Booker, in his column today suggests that, in years to come, when the British finally wake up to the part played by the Lisbon treaty in setting up the new "government of Europe", they will ask: why wasn't there more fuss about it at the time?

Then referring to last Wednesday's mass lobby of parliament, he notes that there was "something forlorn about the few thousand people" who attended. Compared with the coverage of the five Green protesters who occupied the Palace of Westminster roof that day, their efforts to save what remains of our democracy were ignored.

The charade of the Parliamentary "debates" on the treaty lacks any reference to the appalling mess our new EU system of government is making of every area of policy it has already taken over.

A year ago, he adds, EU political leaders grandiloquently proclaimed a series of targets for "saving the planet" from global warming, from a huge increase in renewable energy (thousands more wind turbines) to a ban on incandescent light bulbs. Today, as world temperatures plummet and much of the world has its worst snowfalls for decades, every part of that 2007 package is in a mess, as one country after another protests that its targets are unachievable. As ever with the EU, vainglorious rhetoric is one thing, practical reality the opposite.

Google "disintegrating turbine", for a video Booker tells us (and see the Letters column - illustrated) for a video of a wind turbine spinning out of control before disintegrating into a useless heap (or see here) - a fine visual metaphor for all our new form of government stands for. And our MPs scarcely seem to notice.


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