Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Luftwaffe to the rescue - not

In response to the call for more military assets to be sent to Afghanistan, the German cabinet has agreed to send six Tornado aircraft to the region to help boost intelligence gathering ahead of an expected spring offensive by Taliban insurgents.

About 500 crew and maintenance staff will accompany the aircraft to Afghanistan where Germany already has about 3,000 troops stationed, mainly in Kabul and the relatively stable northern region, as part of the NATO-led peacekeeping mission.

However, while Tornado pilots will be authorised to provide intelligence for Nato attacks on Taliban formations, they will not be allowed to use their bombs or missiles to carry out attacks, an official said.

By this means, they will be able to demonstrate the total moral superiority over the Americans, in avoiding any form of "friendly fire" incident. Furthermore, they will not in any way be able to cause any collateral damage. And if things get desperate, I suppose they can always bail out and give the Taliban a hug.


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