Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Good to hear sense from somebody

As it happens, I was not thinking of any media outlet in this country, let alone any politician. The Big Pharaoh is an Egyptian blogger of exceptional interest. (I know, I know, I keep finding all these interesting blogs and all in other countries. Well, what can you do? C'est la vie.)

This posting is called The Curse and deals with the deafening silence in the Muslim world about suicide bombers who have killed far more Muslims than Jews (or anyone else). Come to think of it, one could turn it the other way round and say that far more Muslims have been killed by other Muslims than by anyone else, including Israelis.
Whenever a Muslim blows up himself to kill hundreds of other Muslims I always tend to call that "the curse of the Jew". We allowed and justified suicide bombings against innocent Israelis in cafes and malls. We religiously sanctioned the actions of every Palestinian suicide bomber who killed and maimed Israelis. Now it seems the suicide bombers are killing far more Muslims than Jews.

The deafening silence of the Arab/Muslim world towards the mass slaughters in Iraq indicate one thing: this region will stay in the abyss of darkness, ignorance, and backwardness for a very long time until someone really rises up, takes it by the neck, and forces it to look in a mirror and see the ugly reflection.
Read the whole posting and the comments on it.


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