Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where did you get that hat?

I can tell you where I got the picture: nicked it quite shamelessly from Gateway Pundit but I expect he nicked it from AP. And quite right, too.

It does sum up the contradictions of all those rage-filled, if somewhat belated, demonstrations. Saddam execution rage has followed cartoon rage, veil rage, Pope rage any other kind of rage you care to name.

This reminds me of an article the late lamented Oriana Fallaci wrote soon after 9/11. She interviewed a number of people in Egypt, all of whom denounced American imperialism and Western misdeeds, while wearing American jeans and refreshing themselves in the local (franchised) branch of McDonald's.

She raised the subject of the hefty subsidies the United States gives to Egypt to be told haughtily that the money Egypt receives (which keeps that economy together) and their hatred for America are not related to each other.

By the way, those with a strong stomach might like to see the pictures of what Eid al-Adha consisted of in numerous Muslim countries. Not for those who think that people have a responsibility towards animals and definitely not for people who think animals, too, are God's creatures.

I am delighted to say that nothing of this kind was seen in Shepherds Bush, where the Eid was moved to Saturday, no doubt, to give everyone a chance to celebrate New Year as well.


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