Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, what do you know?

Jacl Lemley, the engineer chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority resigns because he cannot stand the politicking and is afraid that the project will not be brought in on time and on budget. He is immediately smeared by politicians who are, naturally, more important than a mere engineer, however distinguished.

It seems that he ought to have realized that when an Olympic budget says one thing it really means something quite different, probably three times as much, precisely as the One London group at the Assembly has been saying all along.

Meanwhile the Treasury has also weighed in, pointing out that VAT will have to be paid on construction and infrastructure projects, the alternative would be breaking EU rules on state aid. It seems that the London bid calculations did not include VAT because that would not have made them competitive. What would happen if a business used that excuse?

Furthermore, Tessa Jowell, the relevant Minister, assured everyone that VAT would be waived. I suppose it is not likely that she would ever find out what she is talking about before she opens her mouth.

Details over on One London blog.

Cartoon courtesy of Anoneumouse.

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