Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's The Sun wot fluffs it

Front page headline in The Sun tells the tale today.

Romanian gangs, it informs us, already commit 80 to 85 percent of all cashpoint crime in Britain, a "staggering" figure that is contained in a "secret" (i.e., unpublished - ed) Cabinet memo. This, The Sun says, warns that thse crooks "will be joined by a wave of new recruits after Romania and Bulgaria join the EU in January".

The document predicts a devastating rise in street violence, people-trafficking, prostitution, tax dodges and cash card fraud. Referring to the accession of the two East European nations as "A2", it warns:

The police have completed assessments of the potential threat of A2 on all levels of UK crime.... There is a concern that free movement will encourage people from Bulgaria and Romania to come to the UK, some of whom may be drawn towards organised criminal activities already well established in the UK.
Never mind that the newspaper follows through with an editorial that is as weak as ditchwater, bleating:

Sun readers will demand that this threat to their homes and families is dealt with severely. Home Secretary John Reid should acknowledge the danger in the wake of the memo and reassure the public he is on the case. It would be a disaster if a relatively small number of criminals wrecked the chances of immigrants who work hard and bring benefits to our economy.
While the "mainstream" parties will be diving for cover and the Boy "we don't do Europe" Cameron rushes off to open another outreach centre or whatever, the lessons will not be lost on the BNP, who will be there to hoover up the increasing number of disaffected votes.

The Sun might want to project that immigrants "work hard and bring benefits to our economy", but many don't - and it is not wrong to want to control your own borders. That, Mr Murdoch, means leaving the EU, even if you're too frit to tell your readers that that is the real answer to controlling EU gangs.


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