Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One small step for a Tory Party

In what has been described is a symbol of how the Conservatives want to reform "Europe" (i.e., the European Union), the Green Moron yesterday signed the oneseat petition for the abolition of the duplicate Strasbourg EU parliament, adding his name to the million-plus who have already signed.

This was the day that Camoron and Timothy Kirkhope MEP, Leader of the Conservatives in the EU Parliament, launched the new Movement for European Reform, with Kirkhope saying, "To be in Europe, leading in Europe is our aim. Ending the Strasbourg circus is a first step on the road to reform."

Only last week, the EU parliament budget committee agreed to buy the building and the French government has already indicated that it has no intention whatsoever of allowing the site to be abandoned. And, without French agreement, nothing can be done.

Thus the Green Moron's gesture is indeed symbolic – of the vacuity of the Tory position on the EU. If "ending the Strasbourg circus is a first step on the road to reform", it demonstrates with utmost clarity that the reform process will be stillborn.

This might be one small step for a Tory Party, but it is a giant step for the European Union that it cannot and will not make.


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