Friday, August 04, 2006

A seriously unimportant jokey posting

Our blogress at workWe have had a good run in the last couple of days, thanks to the sterling work done by my colleague (pause for applause and boos from sundry members of the forum who are fighting a valiant battle in defence of the MSM). There is a little bit more to come and, of course, the story will almost certainly resurrect itself.

We have helped to plant seeds of doubt in some and strengthened doubts in others about the MSM reporting of the Middle Eastern conflict, in particular of the war in the Lebanon. Even those of our readers who prefer to believe what they see on TV or read in the newspapers (because journalists would never lie or allow themselves to be manipulated by an unscrupulous organization like Hezbollah, no, no, no) will, I confidently predict, find themselves questioning future reports, despite themselves.

Now, let us take a break and spend a little time worrying about a seriously unimportant problem. While trying to follow the American media and blogosphere I came across a couple of times the word "blogress" as in female blogger. Clearly, this nomenclature is of some interest to me.

However, when I quoted it to my colleague (him of the Green Helmet Guy fame), his response was that a female blogger should be called "blogette". Naturally, I prefer "blogress" with its obvious link with the word "tigress" (the tiger is my sign in Chinese astrology). Still, this is a good opportunity for more input from our readers.

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