Friday, October 07, 2005

A statement of the bleeding obvious

Our revered Tony Blair, prime minister of all he surveys, hath looked upon his domain and cast his gaze o’er the stretch of water that doth separate his primary domain from the fiefdom of EUrope of which he has temporary care

And Lo! The Great Tony, prime minister of all he surveys, hath concluded that his great travails upon the land of EUrope hath come to… er… not very much. Yea verily, he doth tell these people with whom he doth breakfast, who goeth by the name Unice, that his labours in these first one hundred days of his reign hath stalleth.

But sayeth The Great Tony, prime minister of all he surveys, tis the fault of the Gauls who decideth on a "nay none no" in respect of that mighty work ye constitution of EUrope, and those Franks who decideth not on who their Great Leader shall be.

But The Great Tony doth not despair. He planeth to labour hard with sande and ye cemente to yield forth Ye Concrete Progress. And we shall all be mightily impressed and shall laud The Great Tony for his mighty deeds.

At least, I think that was what the Financial Times was trying to say this morning.


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