Monday, October 03, 2005

From the sublime…

…to Italian carrots.

That is the frustrating thing about covering the EU. One moment, you are up with the "bigwigs", considering the geopolitical implications of the latest failure on the Turkish accession talks – the "colleagues" still haven't been able to agree their line – and the next thing you are down in the weeds, as the mighty system heaves and strains, and issues a new rule about Italian carrots.

Thus, according to the Italian agency AGI, "In a bid to buffer unlawful imitations of Italian-made products, the European Union has licensed the first Italian IGP carrot, namely the 'Fucino plateau carrot'".

This, you will be astonished to learn, brings the number of Italian-made fruit and agriculture products licensed under IGP up to 43, with the overall number of Italian-made specialties protected by the EU rising to 150. And, if the EU's decision is not vetoed by any member state over the next six months, the Fucino carrot will be officially included in the EU List of quality-controlled products.

And what is IGP? Er… well, it could be "Internet Gateway Protocol", but I somehow doubt it. The trouble is WGAD?


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