Sunday, October 02, 2005

Don't bother

In the run-up to the Conservative Party conference, it is natural to turn to the Sundays for the latest on the leadership contest.

However, the substantive piece in The Sunday Times, headed "The slow ascent of new Tory man", starts off with a breathless description of "Sam and Dave" who live in a red-brick Victorian house in North Kensington.

The Sunday Telegraph is no better. A speculative piece on Liam Fox starts with the stunning information that: "Dr Jesme Baird's fingernails are filed to precision and painted pillar-box red."

Amongst other delights, we get a full page piece from Elizabeth Day, headed, "These jeans are hideous. I look like I'm wearing a nappy…". Intellectually, of course, she is doing just that, and so is her paper.

If you are still thinking of rushing out to the shops today, to find intelligent political comment, don't bother.


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