Thursday, April 07, 2005

Incoherent text

There have been "red faces" in France, according to AFP, as 160,000 copies of the EU constitution have had to be pulped after the words "incoherent text" were found to have been mysteriously added to one of the articles.

The copies were to be distributed in town-halls and libraries around France and the words were missed by proof-readers of the 232-page document. They failed to spot that the phrase had been added in print to Article 1-33 which concerns "legal acts of the Union".

"It was a note at the bottom of the page which was invisible on the screen when the text was being put on computer," said an official at the state publisher Documentation Francaise.

What totally amazes us is that anyone spotted the words after the thing had been printed. After all, the whole damn text is incoherent.

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