Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Surprise, surprise - Greece says yes

As the French support for non surges (to some extent thanks to l’escroc Chirac’s overweening TV appearance) and the Dutch yes campaign begins to panic, we have to declare ourselves to be underwhelmed by the news that the Greek parliament has voted the Constitution for Europe through.

268 deputies voted in favour, 17 against and 15 were absent. This makes Greece the fifth country to ratify the Constitution and the fourth to do so without bothering to put the question or the information to the people of the country.

Given the amount of money Greece receives under various funds and given the fact that it relies on the Commission’s good will to have its growing divergence from the growth and stability pact as well as various financial peccadilloes excused, can we really be surprised by that vote?

Come to think of it, if the vote were left to parliaments alone, which member states would have a different result?

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