Friday, September 17, 2004

Hayek Smiled

Following our link on the Blog story, another from TCS called Why Blogging Works, on how Blogs are becoming a force in the land. Well worth a read.

The same theme is picked up by Dominic Cummings - he of New Frontiers - who advises those in politics and mainstream media to take note of the issue. This sort of thing has not happened in Britain yet – bloggers are in their infancy and mainstream parties and media are way off the US pace, but the Right would do well to exploit Blogs, in particular using them to scrutinise the BBC and provide information to commercial rivals with an interest in undermining the BBC’s credibility.

During the election and even more so in a EU referendum, there will be a huge need for the BBC’s reporting of issues to be scrutinised and taken apart minute-to-minute.

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