Thursday, August 19, 2004

Just how common is this policy?

President Chirac and, sometimes, Chancellor Schröder are quick to take umbrage when somebody in the great EU family steps out of line, i.e. does not agree with them on matters of foreign policy. In which case, one presumes, they would never go off on their own agenda. Right? Wrong.

President Putin will be hosting another pleasant little three-way summit in Sochi on the Black Sea, on August 30 – 31. Last time the three got together was in April, when their summit focused on the situation in Iraq.

Presumably, this one will also focus on Iraq. Or, perhaps, they will have some worried conversations as to what might come out in the food-for-oil investigation now conducted separately by the UN (nothing much there), a United States Congressional inquiry (worrying), and, quite soon, by the Iraqi government.

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