Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Are they listening to themselves? - Part V

This comes from a news report from AOL that tells of the near certainty of Barroso being asked to become the next President of the European Commission:

A majority of MEPs is required to approve Mr Barroso once he has been formally chosen by EU leaders. That should be a formality, as the Parliament has a centre-right majority and can be expected to support a centre-right Commission president.

But anything less than overwhelming backing from MEPs on all sides would be an embarrassment, particularly after the Euro elections which amounted to a vote for apathy and a demand for a more voter-friendly EU hierarchy.
It may have escaped the MEPs’ and some journalists’ attention that the vote for of apathy was, in fact, lack of any interest or confidence expressed in the European Parliament. And what is a “voter-friendly EU hierarchy”?

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