Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Making (non)sense of Europe

The BBC, helpfully, has been running a series on the Constitution, entitled "Making Sense of Europe". Its Europe correspondent Tim Franks has been looking at what the text of the constitution means and, in the third of his series he asks: “has it made Europe easier to understand?”.

Amongst the gems this man is offering, he asks, rhetorically of course, "Why do we need a new constitution for the European Union?" The answer he provides is almost a parody, such a complete distortion of the truth that it is almost comical. According to Mr Tim Franks,

"The idea goes back nearly three years - to a meeting of the EU member states where they decided that something had to be done about the disaffection that the union was increasingly held in. The plan was to bring Europe closer to the people - to make it more transparent and democratic".

This is the great, the wise and all-knowing BBC. Is that the best they can do? For the real story of the background to the constitution, click here.

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