Saturday, February 04, 2012

They never give up

Even after making a prize fool of itself, The Independent never gives up trying to prove its point. Cribbing from Science Daily, the paper has become a parody of itself. If it's hot, it's climate change, aka global warming, and we get no snow.

But if it's cold and we start getting freezing conditions and lots of snow, it's also climate change, aka global warming. Whatever the weather, it's climate change.

Even this newspaper, however, cannot wholly keep to the line. It has UK climate researcher Adam Scaife offer an alternative explanation.

Other complexities, he says, are almost certainly influencing the current cold spell. "There is a pretty clear link between the current event and the upper level winds... The winds up at 30km (18.6 miles) altitude are very weak," he says. "We have verified several times using computer model experiments that this leads to high pressure across northern Europe and cold winter conditions in the UK as we see now."

So it isn't climate change, aka global warming, after all. It's just weather.