Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A shattered narrative

Tim Montgomerie, content partner with The Guardian Comment Network, is now also infesting the Right Minds blog on the Daily Mail website.

If you ever wanted an example of political convergence, and a lack of distinction in the political spectrum, that is it. With the Guardian currently hosting Daniel Hannan's impostor and Adrian Hilton, this is a classic example of the reorientation of politics. A homogeneous political class is emerging, equally at home in the Mail and the Guardian. As the distinction between right and left disappears, and we get the "above-the-line" caste, reinforcing the "them-and-us" divisions in society, prattling indiscriminately.

What brings the gullible Montgomerie to the Mail is The Boy's amazing technicolour veto, and a lament that "fings ain't wot they used to be". And a measure of how far sunny Tim got sucked into the mythology is his first sentence – error compounded by error (above). No, we shriek, Cameron did not veto a treaty. The treaty did not exist. No, the treaty had not been agreed by every other member state. The treaty did not exist.

But then, with the unpardonable arrogance of his caste, Montgomerie goes on confidently to assert that, "As a result of his veto, Britain rejoiced". No, "Britian" did not "rejoice" – just he, the idiot MSM and his gang of fellow-travellers.  They were the ones "rejoicing", while we stood around in amazed disbelief.

There is more truth, however, in Timmy's bold claim that, "Many on both sides of the great European debate – sceptics and enthusiasts – concluded that Britain was now in the EU's departure lounge and it was only a matter of time before Britain formed a very different relationship with Brussels".

Problematically though, as Mary Ellen Synon pointed out yesterday, the claque had no grounds whatever for this conclusion. The delusion represents only the thinking of a self-styled political commentator, who truly believes that the Conservative Party has become "fundamentally Eurosceptic". Nevertheless, he does not dare to define what he means, for fear that it will reveal that there is not a fag-paper between his party's sceptics and philes.

And still he prattles on about a "different relationship with Europe", thereby displaying the fundamental inability of his caste to understand that you cannot have a "relationship" with yourself. The United Kingdom is in the European Union. We are not related to it. We are part of it. It is part of us.

Demonstrating thus another characteristic of the breed, Timmy provides evidence that his caste inhabits its own impervious bubble. The members cannot learn anything and never change their views on anything. They simply adapt facts to fit their preconceived notions, so as not to disturb their comfort zones.

No wonder the poor lad is now so confused. His little narrative has been shattered and he is surveying the wreckage, struggling to rebuild it. In time, perhaps with the help of the europlastic Open Europe, he will. Then we will be treated to another fantasy that passes for political commentary. How sad is that?