Sunday, January 08, 2012

Marking their cards

In this week's column, Booker takes on board the administration's "Carbon Plan" and dissects it in his usual clinical style. He takes a different line from my piece, looking at the detail rather than the political aspects. And even at this level, there is no sense to be made of it. The report, writes Booker, "is a tissue of unproved assumptions and wishful thinking".

That is indeed the case and, in addition to his own analysis, Booker cites Tim Worstall, who also had a go at the report. With that, But so transparent are the defects, and so bald and unrealistic are the assumptions, that it is hardly credible that anyone could put their name to the report without squirming in embarrassment.

Yet, not only has Huhne signed it, it bears the signatures of Clegg and Cameron, all three shamelessly giving their endorsement to the report.

Therein lies our problem. These people have no idea what they are endorsing – and they do not care. They have an agenda. This report supports it and that is all they need to know. They have the power and we do not. That they have no legitimacy is neither here nor there.

It might be different if the media gave these three clowns a hard time, but they do not. It would certainly help if MPs held a debate and criticised the report, but they have not, and have no intention of so doing. Thus it is left to Booker to make the running. His is an important voice but, from the ghetto of the Sunday Telegraph, it cannot prevail. It is not enough to make the difference.

But at least it is on the record. We have a public statement, one which points out the fatuity of a report on which the administration intends to rely, and which will be the prelude to the waste of billions and the eventual collapse of our electricity supply system.

That may not be enough, but at least it is something. When we come calling on those who should have known better, those who could have done something and didn't, they cannot say they didn't know or didn't have the opportunity to find out. It is out in the open. Booker has marked their cards.